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Welcome! If you're a powerhouse woman who's always on the go, it's time to put yourself on the priority list and give yourself the same care and attention you pour into every other part of your life.

My Burnout Prevention Quiz is more than just a few questions – it's your next step to feeling more energized again!

Your details are safe with me. This is a no-judgment zone where you'll only get real talk, real strategies, and a whole lot of heart. No fluff or spam, just pure empowerment.

Why This Quiz Is for You

It's for you if you're tired of being tired and need some real answers. It's a practical tool for busy women like you ready to shake off the overwhelm and start living with more energy and joy.

If you're worried about burnout or just can't seem to find the energy for your goals and passions, you're in the right place.

You'll find out if you're at risk for burnout and, most importantly, get practical easy-to-use tips to help you recharge and refocus.

How do I know all of this? Because I've been there — in that place where "just one more email" turns into another late night - before a super early start. I've felt the exhaustion that doesn't lift, even after the rare sleep-in.

But I've found my way back to energy and balance, and I promise, you can too.

With much love,

Jen Ramsey xoxo

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